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Form 990 and Form 1023 Help

How to Remove Form 990 Late-filing Penalties
Have you received a letter from the IRS saying that you owe a penalty for filing your Form 990 late? If so, you need to respond quickly. I'll be happy to help you write a letter requesting abatement of the penalties, or, you can do it yourself after reading my Form 990 Late-filing Penalty Abatement Manual  available as both an e-book and as a printed book, which will teach you how to use the IRS "reasonable cause" provisions to request relief from penalties.

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Reduced Fee Form 990-EZ Preparation
Do you have a small nonprofit organization that can't afford to pay typical CPA fees for preparation of your tax return? Do you qualify to file Form 990-EZ? If so, I offer reduced rate services to small nonprofits. Same professional expertise and personal service, but lower rates because of the less complicated nature of a small nonprofit.

Get an Extension of Time to File
Do you need more time to file form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-T? Find out how and when to file your extension request with the IRS. Download a FREE booklet on how to properly file a Form 990 extension request. I've written the plain English instructions that should have come with Form 990.

How I Can Help You
I provide competent professional services and guidance to small tax-exempt and charitable organizations. I provide services related to Form 990 preparation, Form 1023 / 1024 Applications for Tax Exempt Status, and late filing penalty abatement. I also provide consultations to start-up nonprofit organizations that need on guidance on formation and applying for tax exempt status.

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New Laws, Regs, and IRS pubs That Affect You
The IRS has published Revenue Procedure 2014-11 that provides new procedures for re-gaining tax-exempt status for organizations that had their status revoked because they failed to file Form 990 on time for three consecutive years. Read about Rev. Proc. 2014-11

Why Hire a Professional Preparer
Both Form 990 and Form 1023/1024 are designed to detect improper use of funds or assets, and to detect improper relations between directors and the organization. It accomplishes this by asking very technical questions, using specialized language. If you do not have a good understanding of terms and concepts like disqualified person, excess benefit, excess contribution, unrelated business income, supporting organization, noncharitable exempt more